From offering day to day support and information, to challenging assumptions about disability and influencing decision makers – everything we do at Scope is about creating real and lasting change. We believe that a world where all disabled people have the same opportunities as everyone else would be a pretty incredible place for all of us. Together we can make it happen.

Four year old Leila lives in Manchester with her mum, dad and three brothers. When Leila was two she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy which affects her lower limbs.

Leila’s family felt shocked and confused at the lack of information made available to them and without any prior knowledge of cerebral palsy, they all felt the strain of not knowing what her future held. But then Jo, Leila’s mum, got in touch with Scope Response and felt immediately reassured. Scope organised a visit from her local Regional Response Worker Ian.

"It was such a pleasure to know that somebody would actually come to us and have the time for us. Our Scope Response Worker was superb – he was bursting with information which is just what we needed.” – Jo, Leila’s mum

Jo feels more positive than ever about Leila’s future. Leila is a confident and bubbly little girl with a strong, happy family and a very bright future ahead of her.

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