Join Make-A-Wish Foundation® UK for the UK End 2 End challenge and help grant magical wishes!

Have you ever had a wish come true?
Most of us are lucky and have a lifetime to turn our goals and dreams into reality. Sadly, there are some children who will never get the chance. Children living with a life-threatening condition – many of them with just weeks to live. Make-A-Wish Foundation® UK was formed in 1986 and has one very simple objective – to grant the wishes of these very special children.
A wish granted is true magic for the child and provides them and their families with hope, strength and joy at a time of uncertainty. Since 1986 more than 7,400 have searched the depths of their imagination to select their most heartfelt wish; Make-A-Wish has turned their wishes into a magical and memorable reality.
Whether the wish is to meet someone famous, own something, visit somewhere or do something special, its coming true can bring a little sunshine into lives that have been dominated by pain and trauma, providing respite from their normal routines of hospitals, doctors and treatment.
When a child is stricken down with an illness, often there are others whose lives are directly impacted. In all possible cases, Make-A-Wish pledges to grant a child’s wish, regardless of its cost or complexity, and to ensure that immediate family members have the opportunity to participate in the wish. Wishes enrich the lives of parents, siblings, grandparents and other family members – replacing the pain and heartbreak caused by a child’s illness with laughter and joy.
Make-A-Wish has no cures to offer, and all too often some of our endings are sad, but during desperate time when there seems to be no hope, Make-A-Wish steps in and provides positive, immediate and uplifting relief. Most of all we provide a time of magic and joy for the children and families we serve. Learn more about our wishes by watching this great video clip.   I   01276 405089   I  


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