So you've clicked the mouse, are all signed up and you start to relax in your chair. Wrong! The preparation starts now and before you make that cup of tea there are a few things you should know. Whether you're an experienced road cyclist or not, this type of challenge is one that requires a huge amount of dedication and graft. To be prepared is essential, and there are a number of elements to be organised for. If you follow our advice it will only help, but most importantly listen to yourself. After all, it's your body and you're the best person to know its demands and limitations. 

This word, dreaded by some, should be loved by you! If you're confident enough to attempt to tackle Land's End to John O'Groats, then training should be something you are familiar with. It's certainly an essential part of your challenge and the more time and commitment you put into your training schedule then the more you will enjoy the challenge. By committing to a dedicated schedule, you're preparing your body for the remarkable adventure you've set your sights on.
  • Once signed up you will receive access to training guides for all experience levels. 
  • Use our own training programmes spanning 15 weeks, with online personal plan.
  • Training rides to help you get ready.

With our experience of planning and organising cycle challenges all over the world - we know that despite how tough the challenge ahead - as long as you are driven to achieve your set goal and committed to preparing for the challenge then anything is possible no matter what your starting point. 
Kit & Equipment
So you've planned your training programme and you're marking the days on the calendar. The next step is to ensure you look and feel the part for your ride! We're guessing you already know most of what's required for a challenge like this, but insist you take note of our equipment list we issue with our welcome pack. We detail exactly what is needed and what can give you the edge!
Get Communicating
As well as cycling 930 miles and climbing to peaks of 40,000 ft, you'll be doing this alongside good company. We give the opportunity to meet fellow riders beforehand, from sharing tips and advice to training together!
  • Regular e-newsletters sent to you. 
  • Invites to join us on weekend training rides prior to the challenge.
  • A dedicated support team on-hand in the lead up to the challenge to answer any questions.
  • Online 'Participant Area' where you can download all the most up to date challenge information.
  • Online forums, Facebook group & Twitter account to meet fellow riders in the lead up to the challenge.

Our UK End 2 End team welcome all discussions from you to help you feel assured and get excited. Meet the people you will be sharing an incredible venture with, and get a taste of the type of camaraderie and team spirit that you'll experience on the ride.

Places on the challenge are limited - click here to sign up to the challenge today!